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Badges     back to top

Q: At what level can we get badges?
Level 8 - Bronze (I)/Silver (II)
Level 17 - Silver (II)/Gold (III)
Level 35 - Gold (III)/Titanium (IV)
Level 51 - Titanium (IV)/Black (V)/ Platinum (VI)

(courtesy of Darren Durant)

Q: I've heard and seen level VI badges being taken from us. Has anyone lost level V badges? Maybe it happens and people don't notice? Thank you
A: All badges have a 6 months expiry date.

(courtesy of Tine Lovišček)
Coaches     back to top

Q: When or how do we unlock coaches from all time teams 1 ? They has been locked for a long time now.
A: You have to get to legends I to unlock all the coaches as you move back down the coaches lock again.

(courtesy of Jim Hlavacek)
Coins     back to top

Q: Where can I get legend coins? I don't see anything to buy them.
1st coin - Level 17
2nd coin - Level 23
3rd coin - Level 29
4th coin - Level 34
5th coin - Level 42
6th coin - Level 45
7th coin - Level 49
+5 coins - Enter Level 51 - Legend Levels
Once in Legend Level, you can earn coins by finishing top three in league play.
You can also buy coins.

(courtesy of Darren Durant)
Enforcers     back to top

Q: Is it better to have several enforcers?
A: No. Having more than one enforcer doesn't generate more fights.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)

Q: When a fight occur, who win and why?
A: If your enforcer generate a fight against a non enforcer player, he win the fight.
If your enforcer generate a fight against another enforcer player, the highest enforcer level will win.

(courtesy of Gazz Moquette)
Free daily draft     back to top

Q: What level does the free daily draft end?
A: The free daily draft end once you enter Legends.
At that point, you will only get a draft at the end of a league.

(courtesy of Chip McCleary)
Free marker template error     back to top

Q: I'm getting a free marker template error when trying to play an opponent. Why is this happening?
A: His team is probably missing a player. That area is whited out. You can not play such a team, until the error is fixed.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)
Goalies     back to top

Q: How often does the back up goalie play?
A: Generally, a third of the games.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)

Q: How to calculate Goaltenders base rating/bonus
A: Goaltender1 is 2/3 of total goal tending rating
Goaltender2 is 1/3 of total goal tending rating.
Here's an example: let say my Goaltender1 is 406 and my Goaltender2 is 373 and my permanent bonus is 114%
Goaltender1 is 406 /3 *2 = 270.66, Goaltender2 is 373 /3 = 124.33.
Goaltenders base rating is 270.66 + 124.33 = 394.99
394.99 + 114% of Goaltenders base =450.29
394.99 + 450.29 = 845.28 roughly.

(courtesy of Gazz Moquette)
Journeyman     back to top

Q: Can someone explain how the Journeyman badge works?
A: The journeyman badge acts like any other badge that gives a synergy bonus when lit.
Unlike other badges which give bonuses to specific skills, the journeyman badge gives a 1.25% bonus to each skill level for all
players who receive a synergy bonus for that line. A journeyman player on a line that doesn't have the journeyman synergy available acts like any other player who doesn't provide a synergy bonus.
Like the enforcer badge, once the journeyman badge cannot be obtained via the Wheel of Doom or other methods - thus, once it's covered with a different badge it's gone forever.

(courtesy of Chip McCleary)
Legend skaters     back to top

Q: What do i need to know about Legeng skaters?
A: Some information of legend skaters:
- Each training gives an average of +1 rating.
- Each 1% training takes 3 trainings for a Legend.
- 100% trained: +300 on your BaseRating (without the badge's effect).
- Each Player Level gained gives +2 on your BaseRating

Q: What does it cost to fully train a legend player?
A: 15K RP & $1,8 billion.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)
League Level-Reward     back to top

Q: What is the reward for advencing levels?
01= Free Agents
02= Daily Games
03= Milestones
04= Coaches
05= Rival Games
06= Shooting Bonus-slot
07= Training-Level 1
08= 15 million
09= 200 RP
10= 20 million
11= Checking Bonus-slot
12= Training-Level 2
13= Skating Bonus-slot
14= 200 RP
15= Fan-Fav Badge-01
16= Playmaker Bonus-slot
17= Legend Coin-01
18= 20 million
19= 25 million
20= Training-Level 3
21= Goaltending Bonus-slot
22= 25 million
23= Legend Coin-02
24= 30 million
25= 200 RP
26= 30 million
27= Fan-Fav Badge-02
28= Legend Coin-03
29= 30 million
30= 200 RP
31= Fan-Fav Badge-03
32= 35 million
33= Legend Coin-04
34= 35 million
35= 200 RP
36= 40 million
37= 40 million
38= 200 RP
39= 40 million
40= 200 RP
41= Legend Coin-05
42= 200 RP
43= 200 RP
44= 200 RP
45= Legend Coin-06
46= 40 million
47= 200 RP
48= Fan-Fav Badge
49= Legend Coin
50= 5 Legend Coins

(courtesy of John Lamrock)
Milestone     back to top

Q: How do I get the last milestone/s?
A: You did. The "claim bonus" button is glitched, and is still lit, but you got your bonus.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)
Missing Players     back to top

Q: I'm missing a player on my roster. The area is just white. How do I fix this?
A: Change coach. That will fix the problem. If you want your old coach back, then you can switch back.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)
Permanent bonuses     back to top

Q: how many permanent bonus can u get and when do you stop getting them
A: You can have an unlimited amount. Your permanent bonuses continue above 100%

(courtesy of James Hlavacek)
Players bench/Reserved players     back to top

Q: how can i look at my players bench/reserved players
A: The best way i found to look at my reserved players/bench is....that.
Put your cursor (mouse pointer) on Reserve player button and click on your mouse’s right button.
On the menu that will pop up, choose open link in new tab (could also be in new window)
Then all your players will be displayed like this, i didn’t had the chance to see if we could scroll down as I don’t have enough players yet to fill a full screen.
Please note, after selecting the player you want to insert in your line-up, you will need to refresh your browser.

(courtesy of Gazz Moquette)
Playing lines order     back to top

Q: Does your first line play most?
A: No. All lines play an equal amount of time.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)
Quick play     back to top

Q: Is there a quick play for exhibitions/leagues?
A: Quick play is for daily games only

(courtesy of Jim Hlavacek)
Restarting     back to top

Q: How can I restart my team?
A: Hover and click "Help". There's an option to restart your team.

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)

Q: If you restart your team do you lose all your legends?
A: Yes you lose all your legends...

(courtesy of James Hlavacek)
Training     back to top

Q: What is the max level of training?
A: The max level of training is VI (6)

(courtesy of Harri Mikkanen)
Wheel of fortune     back to top

Q: I have hit the wheel at least 2000 times. when can you expect one to work out. what are the odds?
A: 50 million per - about 1 in 7.5 billion. Or 150 / 1. sometimes. more sometimes less. Play 10 at a time and comeback to it. That works sometimes. There's 10 badges in legends. 4's 5's and 6's. 80% 4's, 15% or so 5s and maybe 1 or 2 % 6's.

(courtesy of Jimmy Hannan)